It has taken several years of research and development to create Sub24, the perfect NZ skin care products for young adults. The building blocks of the business are the natural botanical oils and herbs, and the powerful nutrients they exude into your skin, feeding it and allowing the skin to clear and become strong overtime. Sub24 goes beyond beauty, and is also about good health, because clear skin starts from within.

I have always had a passion for nature, nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing and all things natural. I have always believed that good health is paramount and life without it is hard. Being a trained teacher, I believe strongly in the power of education. Educating young adults about good health must encompass good nutrition, physical and mental wellbeing and helping to guide them to make good choices. I believe, through experience and research, that clear skin starts from within your body. Gaining the correct nutrients through a good diet helps to feed your skin so that it will glow. Combine this with a natural skin care range and you will be feeding your skin from the outside too.

I became aware of a lack of natural skin care designed solely for young adults after my two teenage daughters began purchasing products loaded with synthetic chemicals and were unaware of what the products contained. I also became concerned about the potential build up of toxins in their bodies over time caused by these products. One of my daughters also has sensitive skin and would often react to these synthetic products. This was my launching pad.

I endeavoured to research and develop, with the help of health professionals, a skincare range that was free of chemicals, would work with the skin, and would feed it the nutrients needed to become strong and healthy while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Sub24’s product range not only works with your skin and body, but has taken into consideration that the natural skin products look good, smell good and are not too expensive. Young adults need to be able to afford quality products so they can begin a natural healthy skin care routine.

Practicality was also an important consideration as young adults are always on the go, requiring skincare that is easily transported with them wherever they go.

Our products have been designed for use both morning and night. The range is true to our vision; light, fresh and natural. You can use our range safely knowing no harsh synthetic chemicals will leach into your body and that you are doing the best for your skin. Combine using our range with a good diet, regular exercise and plenty of water and you will develop clear glowing skin overtime – naturally.

You can trust Sub24 and enjoy using our natural skin care products day and night knowing you are only creating good and doing no harm.

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.” 

Carolyn Armstrong
General Manager


Our natural NZ skin care products can be purchased online here, with shipping available throughout New Zealand.