What makes Sub24 unique is the simple fact it has been formulated for young skin. We use special combinations of oils and herbs to help maintain that beautiful young skin and fight problems naturally, meaning it is also perfect for sensitive skin.

The ingredients we use are full of vitamins, minerals, and good fatty acids. The oils we have chosen are light and won’t leave you feeling greasy. The special herbs are very stimulating and nourishing to the skin. They will help keep your skin clean, well fed and glowing.

Our natural skincare product formulations are simple and the uncomplicated nature of the range will work wonders with young skin.

Our philosophy of keeping it simple, pH balanced and natural means we do NOT use:

• Mineral oils
• Sulphates
• Parabens
• Silicones
• Synthetic Fragrances

In addition to this, our skin care products are made in New Zealand and not tested on animals. Shop the range of moisturisers, face wash, and facial scrubs here and buy your skin care online or in various local stores and pharmacies today.


Almond Oil

Aloe Vera

Apricot Oil

Burdock Root

Calendula Oil

Castor Oil

Coconut Oil


Evening Primrose Oil

Gotu Kola


Jojoba Oil

Lime Essential Oil

Shea Butter

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

White Willow Bark