How Important Is Your Skin?

Skin is so important. Not only does it hold our body together, but it also impacts how we feel about ourselves every day. It is important to take your skin seriously by feeding it beautiful vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to keep it clear and clean.

Skin has several important functions:

Protective barrier:

- Protects our inner organs from harm.

- It is a protective barrier from chemicals, environmental toxins, harmful bacteria, viruses etc. therefore it prevents us from getting sick.

Removes waste:

- It is a passageway to help the body rid itself of toxins, which prevents waste build up.

- Clean pores enables your body to expel waste therefore it is important to keep them clean and clear.

- Continual epidermal shedding also aids in the removal of toxins and exposes new skin. Therefore, it is beneficial to gently remove the dead skin from your body.

Protection from injury:

- The skin provides the first signal to the brain that we are hurt. By keeping the skin healthy, we remain sensitive to outside threats such a heat, cold or sharp pain.

Diagnostic tool:

- The skin is a barometer of over all health. Early warning signs of many diseases manifest themselves on the skin.


- The skin is your body’s natural heating and cooling system. It regulates our body’s temperature by way of sweat, another reason it important to keep the pores clean and clear.

Vitamin D:

- Your skin acts as a reservoir of vitamin D.


- Touch is a very important way to connect with other people, from a handshake to a warm hug. This all begins through skin contact.

- It is important to keep your skin in excellent condition so that sensation can remain.

Sub24 Natural Skincare moisturiser, cleanser and face scrub are all full of beautiful active botanicals to help your skin remain in excellent condition to make the most of the above points. It is so important to take your skin seriously, look after it and beware of what you are putting on it.

Be smart about your skincare, choose natural, choose Sub24.

Remember, “beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.”

Carolyn xx